Used Prestige Yachts Customer Service

Customer Service defines our mission at Used Prestige Yachts. Our expert Customer Service department has dedicated full-time in-house staff with extensive expertise in all areas of commissioning, boat repair, maintenance, winterizing, and operations.

Customer support is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new yacht second to whether or not you like the yacht and it fits your family’s needs. Our on the road crew and service experience has one of the best reputations on the East Coast. The first priority is to make sure we are dispatching, trouble-shooting and repairing any issues that impact your ability to enjoy your asset in the most timely manner. Secondly our goal is to not impact your workday/week. Our crew travels to you, troubleshoots the issue, and sends a follow-up email or places a phone call to you as they step off your yacht providing a description of what was done and anything else they addressed while on-site.

The customer service team at Used Prestige Yachts are salaried, not hourly; this makes a huge difference. Many dealerships pay hourly and lay the employee off during the winter. This means that during the summer when they are working on a weekend they are relying on making time and half or double time to support their family through the winter. We have found in our ownership experience this leads to longer repairs, multiple trips to your yacht, vs our method where the employee is there to fix the issue correctly, the first time, in the most efficient manner possible.

Other traditional dealerships also diagnose issues, then send a request to the builder for approval to make sure they are going to be compensated for the work. This approval process can take days to weeks sometimes. Our mission is to diagnose, repair immediately, then ask questions of the manufacturer after your repair is complete.

We strive to be the best of the best, white-glove, concierge, from your first interaction at a boat show throughout your ownership experience… that is the biggest differentiator between good and great.

Contact us anytime for any of your yacht service or maintenance needs.